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SSMPA recently visited US Congressman Brad Sherman to discuss our campaign to arrange responsibly for the future of the former Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

And also with State Senator Fran Pavley

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 Two NASA Documents 

Now Raise Serious Concerns about Consequences of the NASA's Proposed Cleanup at Rocketdyne

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Ted Garcia, Chumash Elder and Stonecarver

In Memoriam

 Diana Dixon-Davis

 The family of Diana, husband Phillip, and three sons, Kevin, Scott and Ben (Kristy), lost their wife and mother on July 13, 2014. The community of Chatsworth lost a woman who dedicated her life to being an activist, advocate, and compassionate spokesperson for many worthy causes: women, children, the health and well-being of all human beings, and the environment. 

Education and Community Service: 

  • Masters Degree in demography/epidemiology at UC Berkeley 
  • Worked for five years at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois researching health effects of pollution on populations
  • Worked on CALPAW (bond) initiative, fund raising, Interim Management plan for Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park, Park dedication ceremony, and Park Management Plan
  • Attended LA City hearings and meetings that led to the formation of the Chatsworth Nature Preserve
  • North West Valley Council and 31st District PTA: Served as VP of health and community concerns
  • Elected Member of Chatsworth Neighborhood Council: Founding Member serving 14 years; Committees served: Outreach, Public Safety & Transportation, Legislation and Land Use
  • Chatsworth Community Coordinating Council: Treasurer
  • Chatsworth Fine Arts Council
  • Chatsworth Historical Society
  • Member of Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church
  • Santa Susana Mountain Park Association: 32 years: 16 years as Board Member, 11 years as Treasurer
  • Rim of the Valley Wildlife Corridor Study participant
  • Citizen's Advisory Group (CAG) for Santa Susana Field Laboratory: strong advocate for a safe, risk-based, and responsible cleanup

Awards: Outstanding Chatsworth Citizen, Year 2000-2001 * Life Time Achievement, National PTA, Golden Oaks, California PTA * Linda Hinton Volunteer, VIP Awards 31st District PTA * Five Continuing Service Awards, local PTAs * Three National Safety Council Awards

After moving to Chatsworth 34 years ago, Diana and Phil barely had the boxes unpacked when she laced her shoes and jumped into community projects. Diana attended meetings with her rolling crate filled with binders, notes, and reports piled high. At community presentations and meetings her scientific mind was in high gear whether asking important questions or challenging a statement she felt wasn't based on facts. She coupled her astute mind with her compassionate feelings for women, children, and the environment. Diana's spirit touched many and we are all fortunate for Diana's giving us so much of herself to make our world a better place to live.

 In memory of Diana Dixon-Davis by Teena Takata, SSMPA President:

I always think of Diana, first, as Passionate - 

Unwavering; absolute courage in all her opinions, and always willing to express her position; it didn't matter, ever, if it was the popular position or the less-favored position. There was no question what Diana's position on any matter was.

A tireless worker for the community, she spent an incredible number of hours working for the SSMPA, the PTA, the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council, the SSFL CAG, the Chatsworth Community Coordinating Council, and always treasured the local state park the community helped create with its activism. She loved sharing origami with the children and working with them, and also spent many hours behind the scenes, helping groups out as treasurer and using her educational background in demographics from Berkeley as appropriate to evaluate various community issues, for the great benefit of the community.

We are sure Phil, her children, and other family members will sorely miss her. But the community also has lost an incredible advocate for open space and educating young members of our community to appreciate the outdoors and their education.

Rest in peace Diana, we will be missing you.

 The July 15th, 2014 meeting of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors was adjourned in memory of Diana Dixon-Davis at the requests of Supervisor Antonovich and Supervisor Yaroslavsky.

From  NASA's Comparative Analysis  of

Background versus Risk-based Cleanup Scenarios

for the Soils at Santa Susana Field Laboratory

"The more aggressive cleanup of the site that would occur under the background cleanup (more soil removal, more trucks entering the site, more emissions, more road miles, more soil to dispose of in landfills, etc.) could result in an increase in traffic accidents and spills and more habitat modification, as well as disturbance of wildlife and more impacts to archeological resources, all of which might result in reduced net benefits when compared to the risk‐based cleanup scenario." p. 5-1  

SSMPA calls for SSFL Cleanup target date to be pushed back. 


SSMPA's mission is to preserve and protect the Simi Hills, Santa Susana Mountains, and regional open space.

 2014 / 2015 SSMPA Board of Directors 

President: Teena Takata

Treasurer: Teena Takata, acting

Program Chair, Newsletter Editor, PR: Carla Bollinger

Member-at-Large: Robert "Bob" Dager

Member-at-Large: Vanessa Watters

Member-at-Large: Wendi Gladstone

Vice President: John Luker

Recording Secretary: Donna Nachtrab

Member-at-Large: Warren Stone

Member-at-Large: Tom Nachtrab

Member Emeritus and Anthropologist: Albert Knight


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